Our company

IAP is a technology-driven consulting company registered in the U.S., Afghanistan, and Estonia.

We are passionate about providing consulting business services to the private sector and the government through innovative technologies. At IAP, we focus on solving real-life problems using two key technologies that can bring a revolution in the tech-industry; Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. Our partnerships, certifications and exponential growth in business is a clear indicator of the quality of work that we deliver at IAP.

We provide solutions that are powered by latest technologies. Explore our company

Our Services

Always be ahead of your competition.


We provide a range of technology services including corporate website & mobile application development, managed IT services, and web/email hosting & domain management.



Our marketing services include branding, videography, photography, event management, social media management, content development, and printing services.



Our partnerships with Cisco, Dell, Palo Alto, Polycom, and other vendors allow us to deliver genuine technology equipment to our clients in Afghanistan at affordable prices.

Our products

We constantly develop products that help people transform digitally.

Our vision is to transform Afghanistan digitally. With that vision in mind, we constantly develop products that help people transform digitally both in their personal life and in business. Such as; our payment solution, our co-working space, and many more.

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    Free Consultation

    We understand most businesses don’t know their business needs. Therefore, we are here to provide a free of cost consultation. Contact us today

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    Our doors are always open to our customers. Feel free to reach out and visit our office in Afghanistan or in the U.S. Contact us today

Our blog

Explore the IAP Blog for valuable insights on technology and business in Afghanistan.

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