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Digitization of Provincial Profiles for the Ministry of Economy

The Ministry of Economy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has been using a printed format of the provincial profiles for all 34 provinces for a long time now. Each profile provides province-related information, with over 417 indicators for every province. Each indicator represents a vital value for example; Poverty Rate, Literacy Rate, and many others. Information like these help the higher officials including the President with decision making. 

However, extracting information from 34 printed provincial profiles was never easy. With the support of Tetra Tech – ISLA, Intellectual Applications and Products (IAP) developed an online database to digitize these Provincial Profiles. 

The online database will not only digitize existing data from 34 provinces but also provide access to offices of the Ministry of Economy so that they can keep the platform up-to-date in real time. The online database properly structures the provided information, analyzes the data and provides accurate reports to the management at the government level. This will not only help the ministry to keep the provincial profiles updated, but also the higher authorities including the President to make efficient and effective decisions.

The project started in January of 2020 and was handed-over and launched in June of 2020.

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