Compliance Services

We provide business registration, coworking space & training services.

IAP helps both international and local businesses with their legal needs in Afghanistan including but not limited to business registration, taxation, operations, etc. 

Registering a new business?

IAP has pioneered business registration and licensing in Afghanistan. We at IAP have helped over 100 businesses obtain their business licenses in no time. Below are some of the basic requirements for you to register your business in Afghanistan:

Power of AttorneyOriginal to be mailed
Passport or National ID copy of the President or Vice PresidentOriginals required
2 passport size photographsIn print.
Property/Rent AgreementFor your office space. If you don’t have one. We will prepare one for you.
Educational DocumentsFor consultancy services
Corporate Charter(This document is drafted by a corporation or partnership. It must list the names of owners, shares, and other agreement clauses)
Bank Statements500,000 AFN balance (for sole proprietorship)
IAP Fee for Domestic LicenseUSD 300 per license
IAP Fee for International LicenseUSD 500 per license
Registration FeeUSD 40 per license (paid to gov.)
Renewal FeeUSD 160 per year (paid to gov.)

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Need an office space?

We have the most affordable coworking space in Kabul. At CoWorthy (a subsidiary of IAP) you get a desk, fast internet, refreshment, stationary, heating/cooling and the required assistance to help you run your business smoothly. 

For pricing and more information, please visit:

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Need your taxes cleared?

As part of our incubation and compliance services, at IAP we help businesses with their legal and tax requirements. We help them report taxes to the government, pay taxes on their behalf and obtain clearance in no time. Our consultants and tax experts have numerous years of experience in this area. Below are the types of services we provide under taxation:

Business Receipt TaxQuarter
Rental WithholdingMonthly
Wages WithholdingMonthly
Contractor WithholdingMonthly
Annual Income Tax ReturnAnnual
Tax Exemption & Audit ComplianceMonthly

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Need to build your capacity?

We help you (organizations and individuals) to improve your personal competence and skills through our training solutions developed by our in-house subject matter experts. 

IAP help you gain competitive advantage and sustainable business development. Book us today if you need:

  • Technology Training
  • Leadership & Management Training
  • Shelter Management Training
  • Sales & Marketing Training
  • Human Resources Training

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